Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day, SALUTE!

First and foremost...a salute to all our Veterans. They deserve so much more respect and care when they return back home  then they garner from their leaders .

This is my contribution to domesticity. Don't ask for a home made dessert. It ain't gonna happen.  I went to the market and got a head of cabbage and a few other things and put together the cabbage rolls for dinner. I"ll put them into the fridge and this afternoon they will go into the oven.
Staying in the house has gotten very difficult for me. The temperatures are hovering around 80 degress, the sun is shining and a soft breeze wraps around me when I step outside.

I did 14 miles on my bike this morning! A record and one that I will add to this afternoon when I do my evening ride.

As I sit here typing this, I feel the need to flip on the a/c unit. It's either that or open the doors wide and escape to the outside.

I'm going to give you ONE guess on which one I plan on doing!
I'll clean the Grand Marquis and shampoo the carpets today and leave it nice and tidy. The little red roadster should be here later this week and I want to be in it and not cleaning a car.
I'm gone to the great outdoors.


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