Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Damn The Wind

A certain amount of  cold I can handle. The wind sucks. It is now 2030 hrs and the wind has calmed down and the temperatures have dropped again. I hate to miss a ride but that's exactly what I'm going to do. I slipped into a hot tub of bubbly water and soaked my sore muscles for a while. Some television will end this day quietly.
The husband leaves on Thursday for Wichita Falls, Texas. I won't be making this trip with him. He may be gone till well after Thanksgiving. The oilfield doesn't recognize holidays.
Wednesday morning:
I'm looking outside at temperatures in the low 40's. Granted, to many of you northerners, this may seem like a heat wave but here in south west La., it just appears flippin cold to us. I gaze through the back glass door to my bike parked and waiting. It ain't happening this early in the morning. I'll wait till the sun rises and burns off some of this chill. Riding a bike dressed in sweat pants and heavy coat doesn't appeal to me  at all.
Sore muscles in my back, butt and legs is either muscles I have worked or muscles that bounced off the pavement in that little crash I took the other day. 
I may go collect Carrie and have her hang out with us today. She is a natural entertainer and keeps us laughing. She also keeps me running with her requests.
The sun is arriving. I'm going to throw a party to celebrate. Maybe I'll just get dressed and grab a bike ride as the temperatures rise.

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