Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Trip

She spent the last two days with her beloved dad and today she spent with him in the tractor riding the cane fields. Her mother went to collect her and called to ask if they stopped by would I mind bathing her and shampooing her hair. They leave on their trip tomorrow and I won't get to see her for a while. I would have agreed to her request even if they weren't going anywhere and soon the daughter was driving into my driveway.

She had her hair pulled back in an untidy ponytail, her shirt and pants were stained and  smelling of dust and diesel. I had her bath water ready but she wasn't. She protested and when that didn't do the trick, she broke down in tears. Reaching down, I took her hand and as the tears flowed, we walked to the tub where I undressed her and helped her in. She is exhausted and I have to make allowances for that.

We bathed the dust and sweat away and shampooed her hair while I promised her a surprise as soon as we were finished and dressed. Her only request was to be held for a while and wrapping her in a towel, we sat on the sofa while I rocked her and let her rest.
Soon she was calmed enough to dress and allow her hair to be brushed. A plate of chicken tenders and a glass of chocolate milk later, she was in a better mood.

We eventually made it to the patio where we played with the bubble sticks, had a make- up makeover and a tea party.

I'm nervous about the daughter and Carrie leaving on this trip alone. I'm not happy about it. The world has become a much more dangerous place since the time she and I roamed the highways together. Thankfully, she will have a laptop and a cell phone to accompany her. I will expect frequent updates and will remain uncomfortable until they are safely home.

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  1. Of course you'll worry Charlotte Ann. We mothers never stop worrying. I was just the same when my daughter and grandson were away last week...couldn't settle till I knew they were back home safely.


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