Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brown as a Nut

Well, here it is another Wednesday and we are still in Farmington, N.M. I haven't seen the husband since yesterday and since we weren't arguing when he left, I'm assuming that he is on the job and hasn't left me sitting here unaware in Farmington.

I have nothing planned other then what I have already done this morning which was the usual 15 minutes in the jacuzzi and then draping myself over the chairs on the patio for a few hours of sun. My once pale olive skin is now a richer olive color. It doesn't take me many hours in the sun to bring out the color of my heritage.

A woman that works here at the hotel has some Roux that she bought while visiting her mother in Lake Charles, La. and we are cooking up a plan to do some cooking.  If time permits, and we all know I have nothing but time right now, we may get together some where and cook up a gumbo.

The hotel manager and I have plans this weekend to take our cameras and go on an excursion; a photo shoot trip. Of course all this depends on if I am even in the state of New Mexico. Soon I will have more friends here to hang with then I do in Lafayette, La.
It looks as though we won't be heading home on Friday. The job is going super slow with a multitude of problems. All I can say to that is "YIPPEEEE"!!!!

It's still hot and humid in Louisiana and I need not say more.

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  1. Oh I don't blame you for saying "yippee". I'd love the chance to get away from our hot and humid climate right now!


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