Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What Stress?

The very first thing I did this morning right after popping open an eye was to look lateral to where I lay. A digital clock sits on the bedside table and the time read 0530hrs. It's time to vacate this room and head for the lobby and some hot coffee. I'm a pro at this now and everything I need to get dressed in is stacked on the counter beside the door to this room. After dressing, I slip back and pick up my laptop. Quietly, I slip back to the door and let myself out. Down the hall, purse and laptop in hand, to the elevator for the ride to ground level.

The breakfast room is already hopping. The guests are filling up their plates, gulping coffee and will soon be on their way to their jobs. These are men that are working in the area so they don't spend much time hanging out after breakfast. A few tourists start drifting in and quietly make their way to the coffee station. Half awake, they are not into conversation with their travel mates. Very few children are around now as most places have commenced their school year.
I surf the net, check my mail and watch the news. Later I pick up a tray and fill it with foods the husband might enjoy and take it back to room. He has to leave at 0800 and I don't know when he will be able to return.
As soon as he leaves, I dress in my bathing suit and head for my 15 minutes in the jacuzzi. Afterwards, I take my book and make my way to the reclining chairs on the patio. A breeze was blowing and the sun was shining. I stretched out and felt the cool breeze; a perfect day to sun bath. I read for an hour and then flipped over onto my stomach and dropped the book so I could catch a little nap.

Perfect? Yes. It couldn't be any better. It was quiet, warm and breezy and I napped. So as not to get burnt and not be able to come back tomorrow, I watch the time closely. An hour of sun on each side and I packed up my belongings and headed back to the room.

Back in my room,I flipped on the television. Wrapped up in a blanket on the bed  I have done nothing productive today and it feels great. I've discovered the best stress reliever. It's not having to show up for a job and stay 8 hours. Not having my own car along on this trip doesn't allow for me running around all day. It does allow for lots of time for de stressing.


  1. That sounds absolutely delightful. Seriously.


  2. I think this trip has been so beneficial. It's great to get the opportunity to de-stress once in a while.


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