Monday, August 23, 2010

Hot'ner Hatches

August 23, 2010

Hot. I expect this as I'm still in the desert. Before we left Farmington, we purchased two cases of Hatch's chilies. After distributing them around to the family here, I stood at the stove with the broiler on and slid pan after pan beneath the heat to toast the skins of the chilies. Though this doesn't sound like much of a chore, let it be known that when you slide the chilies OUT, you have to take a pair of tongs and flip them over, slide them back under the heat and toast the other side. I had about 3/4 of a case to do and if I never see another cookie sheet covered in green chilies, it will be too soon.

Roasting them wasn't the end of the process. Cooling them, bagging them and moving them to the freezer followed the roasting. This took me about 4 hrs. of standing at that oven; opening the door, getting blasted by the heat of the broiler and wiping the sweat from my brow. The color "green" makes me cringe. I'll get over it.

We are doing laundry, reorganizing the suitcases and getting ready to load everything up for the exit out of here tomorrow. It doesn't matter when we leave. We won't be leaving for cooler climates so I'm not enthused.

Internet service is not available in this house, but if I drive to the corner and turn left at the stop sign, go down to the third house on the left, there is a garden bench sitting at the entry to Lindy's house. Her Wi Fi isn't secured. I can get comfortable on that bench which sits in the shade and sign onto the Internets. You do what ya gotta do.

Sunday morning everyone was asleep here. I got up, grabbed my laptop and headed for Lindy's Bench. I rolled in to the driveway, grabbed my laptop and leaped down from the truck. A nicely dressed, Sunday best type dressed lady, was standing at the garage doors. Lindy's mother-in-law was waiting on friends to collect her and deliver her to church. I had to explain who I was and that I would be using Lindy's Bench for internet connection. I wondered later if this woman though I might be lacking a few brain cells. She smiled and nodded while I made my way to the bench.

Did I mention the dog? A mastiff? Well, let me mention him now. The damn thing looks like a small pony. He belongs to Lindy and husband Trey. I walked into their house later and while standing and talking to Lindy, who is by no means a tall lady, I felt something nudge my waist. Turning to look, a face so huge that it looked like something conjured up for a horror movie, eyes that looked as big as teacups made me gasp and step back. I had been warned that their dog was big, but you just don't expect the size of this beast. If he could have smiled, I believe he would have. Though he was huge, he was most gentle and well trained. He didn't try to paw and leap on me. He just stood and looked at me with those great dark eyes and waited to be petted. He is a fawn color mixed with a little veil of black in throughout and beautiful. Soon after meeting me, he found a place in the room where he stretched out on the floor and fell asleep. I'm going to take a picture of Lindy and this gentle giant so you can get the full picture of just how big he is.

We have been treated to a dinner of BBQ's chicken last night and a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and fresh green chili salsa this morning. Dinner will be green chili con carne, beans and rice and tomorrow morning we will be on the road and eating from Burger King. We are enjoying the cuisine while we can. Family is great! They know how to cook the bestest Mexican food!

I'm leaving right now and heading to Lindy's Bench where I will copy and paste this from Word Pad to my blog site and then post!


  1. My nephew has a Great Dane and I never get over how big those dogs are. He is gentle and sweet too. Did you enjoy the trip? We sure did and was sorry when it was over. I loved the Mexican food.

  2. Joan: I've had a great time on this trip. I'm ready to be home for a while. Another job may be up by this weekend and if it's some place that I can tag along, I will.


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