Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Very Least I Could Do

, and trust me..."least" is the key word here, is clean out some closets. Lots of stuff hanging out in there that will never be used again. Why do we hang on to this stuff? Years pass by and should we dig into this bin of clothing memories, we may not even remember the last time we wore these things. My "winter closet" seldom gets opened so why is that rack packed full of cold weather clothing? Sure, a few warm weather items are needed, but a packed closet rod is a waste of good space. Most of the residents of this part of Louisiana, I can speak for. They love their winter clothing and when the temps dip into the mid 70's the sweaters and jackets are promptly dragged out of the closets to be worn till the temperatures hit a more moderate 85 degrees!
 I'll sort and pack most of it out of here today and designate that space for empty clothes hangers should they be needed by a guest stopping in. I have another closet with down filled jackets, Gortex coats, quilted coats and even some ski clothes. On the off chance that I may make a visit to the Rockies in the winter, I hesitate to part with any of these. Winter clothes are always more expensive then summer wear. Is that just another excuse for keeping them?

I have a friend that buys 6 pair of Levi's every year. The 6 pair from the previous year she pitches out of her house. She does this with all her clothing. Spring time comes and she buys a few new blouses, new capris and sandals and pitches last year's to the curb. She has one set of dishes. She has a few coffee mugs and she only keeps a few appliances. No extras in her house and housekeeping for her is an easy affair. She doesn't drown herself in possessions. She doesn't become attached to any of her clothing. She shares a small closet with her husband and they have plenty of room in that small closet for all her clothes and his.

I aspire to be like this women. I envy this woman her ability to not be dragged down by possessions. Her life is not consumed with finding a place for what she owns. Her mother and father were pack rats and had a huge house that had every corner filled. She had to empty out that house when they passed away and she vowed she would never leave something like that for her children to deal with when she was gone.

After a visit to her, I vowed to come home and get rid of "stuff" and I did. I wasn't as practiced as she and things crept back in again. It's time to take a stance against the "stuff". It's either me or you (stuff) and I'm going to win this one.

I'm off to do battle with my closets.


  1. Oh I really do have to do the same. I'm so fed up with the lack of space. I aspire to be like your friend too...but find it so hard to just ditch the stuff I don't wear. My weight fluctuates and I keep thinking I should hang on to things just in case...but I really must do something about it all. Mind you it's too hot at the moment. May have to get up at 4am one morning to make a start!

  2. Good for you, Charlotte! I think we could all do with just a little more austerity in our lives...

    I was raised on the road (continual moving) and so I am rather good at getting rid of things/storing things I don't need. Of course, in a house over a 100 years old, it's not like you have much choice!


  3. Ayak: I'm packing for a trip. No closet cleaning for me..and like you..I have a few different sizes too! lol

    Pearl:For more years then I care to admit, everything I owned fit into my travel trailor towed by the big Chevy truck from state to state, daughter in tow with the job I was doing. I lived lean and mean. I don't know how this explosion of possesions happened but I think it was when I "settled" down.


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