Friday, August 20, 2010

A New Toy and I'm Still Here

It appears that I'll be here in New Mexico for a day or more and then on to Kansas. I may escape that trip to Arizona yet.

Sitting here alone this evening, the TV was tuned to some show I wasn't watching because I was surfing the net. I was doing some research on a purchase I wanted to make. The built in web cam on this laptop was something I had investigated a little but never actually put into use. This laptop came with Vista for the O.S. and when we upgraded to Windows 7, it either wiped out drivers for the web cam or it wasn't compatible with the built in web cam. Normally this wouldn't be something that would bother me but since I've been gone from home for over two weeks, I wanted an operating web cam so I could talk to Carrie.
Today the daughter called and connected with me and since she had a web cam I could view Carrie but she could not see or hear me. I promptly bought a web cam that clips on to the top of this laptop and I practiced with it tonight.
It was too late to talk with Carrie, but I did connect with the daughter and spent about an hour on web cam with her.

I've always wondered about this web cam business. Usually I'm half asleep, hair uncombed and minus any makeup when I roll out of bed, pour a cup of coffee and sign on. Bleary eyed, I check my email and hop around from web site to web site. Sometimes the pajamas I've slept in resemble a ragged t-shirt that has seen better days.  I suppose if someone rang me on the camera I would have to ignore it unless dressed and public ready.

My intentions are to use it when I'm out of town and unable to visit physically with Carrie. I'll have to keep this a secret. I'm not into all the prep time it would take to go "on camera" to acquaintances. Maybe I'll have to go shopping for some presentable sleep wear and not bother signing online till noon unless it's designated a "Carrie Cam" only. 
It's time for me to get some sleep. I might have a camera appearance tomorrow and I'll want to look my best. 


  1. I've made no secret of my joy at having a webcam. It means I can see my grandson most days and my daughter of course. I miss them so much and he is growing and developing so fast that I would miss so much if I couldn't see him till my next visit.

    I used to worry about what I looked like...but what the hell..people can take me or leave me as I am!

  2. Wow..Ayak..does this mean we can "see" each other??
    It was great to see her this morning and it was so much fun for her to share her art work with me.

  3. We certainly could Charlotte Ann. I've sent you an email anyway in case you'd like to try it out!


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