Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saturday in Farmington, N.M.

Here we are. Still in Farmington and now that we have scouted out the area within a 100 mile radius, we stayed local yesterday and went to the flea market on the edge of town.
I came home yesterday afternoon and plugged  the memory card into my card reader so I could download the pictures I shot yesterday and I seem to have misplaced the darn card and the reader. I am so O/C that I usually put my things away after using them but this time I seem to have not done that and now I'm suffering the consequences. I've lost it and it must be some where close to where my memory lies. I seem  to  misplace that most of the time. When I find it, I can post pictures of the beautiful rocks in the desert.

We drove  out of town and selected an unpaved road to explore. The road was the main road with branches of smaller unpaved sandy roads that serviced the gas fields. If not for the empty Budweiser cans and a few tire tracks, I would have thought no human had ever traveled this way. Apparently the ones that did were sloppy beer drinkers. Deserted as it was out there, it was too beautiful to degrade by someone flipping beer cans out the window as they cruised through.

 We followed that road all the way across that desert and at the first sight of a paved road, I sighed in relief. I could imagine us being on the TV show  "I Survived." I thought about all the water that was packed in the back of the truck that was not chilled and how I had complained a little earlier about not getting some ice and icing it down. When push comes to shove, should we be stranded or lost out there, I betcha I could have "taken" the husband down for  the last hot bottle of water. I can be vicious when hot and thirsty.
I'm in the lobby once again and now the staff will approach me without hesitation. I'm a fixture. Each morning I sneak out of the room and to the lobby clutching my laptop. I prepare the night before by putting my clothes, laptop, purse and shoes by the door. I dress in the dark and quietly open the door just enough to slide out and not enough to let the hall light shine into the room and disturb the husband.

This morning I grabbed the laundry bag; a chore I can do while I sit in the lobby and watch the news. I just have to remember not to leave it as it's not my "routine" to do laundry this early.

The husband goes to the rig today to make sure all his tools are there and get ready to do his job which may take 4 to 5 days. We have been here over 10 days now.  We may be headed home by the coming weekend. I want to wait until December before going back to Louisiana. It will be cool by then. The husband is ready to go back now. I'm still trying to convince him to contact the office for jobs available in Colorado. Thus far, I have been unsuccessful and it looks as though another week of heat relief is all I will have.
It's time to collect the laundry out of the dryer so I'll close out. I'll be without wheels today which means I'll be at the hotel all day which isn't a bad thing!

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