Monday, August 30, 2010

Toward Fall

This is still a little to early to get excited about a season change. I should be watching the storms that are crossing the Atlantic in the event they keep heading east instead of north. The big one heading for the Turks and Cacao's was supposed to turn north well before it hit those islands but it hasn't. I'm definitely not in the mood for a hurricane. As exciting as it may be when one is approaching, all I can think about is the mess after it hits and the lack of electricity which means no air conditioning and the high humidity the storm leaves behind. NO! I'm not looking forward to any storm much less a big ole hurricane.

A little rain today, temps down and humidity high; there is always a  price to pay for the coolness.

Carrie and her mother will be leaving soon for a trip to WV. A family reunion is planned for Labor Day weekend, an event she wants to attend this year. It makes me nervous to think about them being on the road alone for two days. I know I used to do it all the time but I was a veteran of the roads. I also had money saved and put away should an emergency happen. I'll be on "standby alert" until she arrives safely.
A trip to Walmart was my big outing for today and it was made after the sun went down and most of the traffic through the store had slowed down for the day. 

I think I'm in a blah mood today. I need to formulate a plan. A list of things I want to get done. If I don't do this I will just meander through the day never accomplishing anything except being bored. When I was working at a job out of the house, I would wish for the day when I wasn't so rushed and stressed. I didn't mean to slow down this much though. 

There are things here to do. It's just a matter of finding the "want". Maybe a call will come in and we will be off on another trip. I'm listening closely for that phone call. 


  1. You never stop worrying about your kids no matter how old they are!

    You know I agree about making a plan...a list. I find that the more time I now have on my hands...the less I get done. When I worked full time and looked after the family...everything got done!

  2. Once a never ends..the worry.


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