Friday, August 6, 2010

67 and OOS

Let me expand on that title. It's 67 degrees here and it's 0830. I'm all unwarm and fuzzy about that. Humidity? Very little and another reason to rejoice.

The husband is waiting on the time to leave for his meeting; I'll be investigating the gym while he is gone. We will know after that meeting, how much time, if any, we will have to explore the area. It might be a week until the job starts or it might start tomorrow.

I'm charging up the batteries to my camera and reorganizing our suitcases; it's something to do should plans suddenly change and we have to move to another town. From my  window here on the third floor of the Holiday Inn, I can see dusty looking oak trees, dead and broken branches among the healthy parts of the trees. This is an oilfield town; dusty streets, 4 wheel drive work trucks that are mud splattered from rig visits, and oil supply businesses line this part of town.
We found Main Street last evening and drove from one end to the other of it. This town has grown by 100 percent since I lived here in the late 70's.

There isn't much within walking distance, or at least the distance I can walk, of this hotel. Though it's a nice large room suite we have here, it might be better if we moved to a hotel more centrally located. I won't have a pool, spa or gym. Sometimes you just haveta suck it up. On second thought, I don't want to repack and haul all our stuff out of here unless we relocate to another town. 

The husband just left for his meeting and I'm on my way to the recumbent bicycle.
Just back from the gym...well..not really BACK but sitting just outside the glassed in wall to that area and on the hotel's computer. I can watch the people exercising from this spot and it is such fun just watching. Entering those doors and tackling one of those machines is a whole different story. 
 I know you must be wondering about the "OOS" (oops...this was original initials...error of "OSS" corrected by B)  in the title and now I can explain.

I dialed in the settings on that recumbent bike and set it for 15 minutes, mild resistance and climbed on. After  7 minutes I climbed off. 7 minutes and two miles later and I realized, as if I didn't already know this, how OOS (out of shape) I was. I'm taking a break. I'll be back in an hour and do another two miles and gradually try to increase my time on that beast. My right leg needs to build muscle and I might have plenty of time to do this. I'll just pop down here to the  gym a few times a day. Bored? Not I. I have plenty to work on.
Maybe we should spend a couple of months here? I'm off to get showered and dressed again and wait on the husband to call.
Update from the husband. First job, 10 days away...checking on second job start date. We may be headed home sooner then we thought only to return again in a week or so.
Today? We are heading for Colorado. I'm too close to NOT go!


  1. OSS = out of shape? I'd think it would be OOS.

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  3. Strange, isn't it, going back?


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  5. Oh I am so envious of those temperatures and lack of humidity. Enjoy it while you can!


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