Thursday, August 19, 2010

Homeward Bound or Arizona Side Trip

We may be leaving here tomorrow. As much as I dread going back to the humid pit of Louisiana, I would prefer that to going to Arizona. The husband feels that since we are "only 8hrs." from Casa Grande, we could just stop by and visit family again.

Didn't we just do that? I thought we were caught up for a while on the family thing. I really don't mind visiting his family. I actually enjoy those visits; it's the heat this time of year that frightens me. "But," she says, "it's only 107 degrees today." That from his sister that lives there when I spoke with her on the phone this morning. Maybe she can say in one sentence "only 107 degrees" but I have a different view of 107 degrees and it ain't pretty. It's 69 degrees here and it's 0730 hrs. Can't I just stay here?

The lobby/dining area was again crowded this morning and since I was sitting at a long table, a gentlemen asked if he could share my table. Soon he was joined by his traveling companion. They were from Tucson, Arizona and again the comments about how the temperatures there were mild right now. It's all in how you view things, right?

I suppose I should go back to the room and start packing. I think I'll just go to the jacuzzi instead. I'm in denial.


  1. 107 in Arizona isn't all that bad.

    In case you might be yearning to know, it is 53 degrees at 0925 here.

  2. Oh Charlotte Ann...send the husband to stay put and he can pick you up on the way back! The temps have been around the same here today. I read that this has been the hottest summer in Turkey for 100 years...and there was I just thinking I wasn't coping as well as I normally do.

  3. Ayak: I maybe spared that trip to Arizona! A job is up in Kansas...I'm waiting to see what direction we will take now. I should know something by tomorrow night!


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