Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What a Change A Day Makes

I thought I would attack those closets but that didn't get done. I did spend a little time in the office trying to find the desk top and not the one on the computer. I had to crank the shredder up and start shredding the pile of papers that had collected in the past month or so. This is not one of my favorite jobs  and it's not because it's a challenging job. It is a boring task and one that gets left behind as long as possible.
The office computer was a mess. Ted and I are the only ones that use it and I'm seldom at that keyboard unless I'm doing some photo editing. The other day I walked in after Ted had been here and on it and noticed that settings had been changed. The print on the web pages were micro mini sized and difficult to read. I spend hours trying to change the setting in the computer and finally I did a "restore" and reverted back to an earlier time and collected those original settings.
It took a while but soon I was looking at a normal screen. I'm going to hang a big sign on the front of that monitor promising to hurt "anybody" that changes any of the settings. I've cautioned/warned/threatened this before. Apparently the warning missed it's mark. I, apparently, instill fear in no one.

Sometime today, the husband received a call to head to New Mexico. A spud meeting in three days followed by two different jobs in the area. By the time he had packed, he received another call saying the meeting might not take place but he was to start driving to New Mexico and some one would contact him by cell with further instructions!
I'm tagging along on this trip. It ought to be reallly interesting. We know the destination is Aztec, New Mexico; that's all we know. If we don't get a call to turn around and head back home tomorrow, we will just keep heading west. I love the attention to details maintained by this multi-million dollar company that distributed these orders. If we actually get all the way to Aztec after staying overnight tomorrow night in Amarillo, we will hopefully get more instructions. If it will be days before he is needed, we will decide then what to do. The husband says we can go to Arizona again; I declined. It is now around 112 degrees in the desert. "Thank you very much, but could we head north of Aztec and into Colorado please?"

North into cooler temperatures is my goal. It's 85 degrees during the day time and 58 degrees at night in Aztec. I could do with me some cool  and right now here in Lovely Louisiana it is 90 degrees at 2200 hrs. 

I'm packed and ready to go. We should be leaving early tomorrow morning unless the cell phone chimes and we actually get instructed to do otherwise. I'm listening. 

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