Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trippin To N.M.

1115 hrs.

We left Lafayette this morning at 0500 hrs. The temperature here in the outskirts of Dallas is hovering at 94 degrees F. Hopefully, by tomorrow evening we will be in northern New Mexico and in much more human friendly temperatures.

I ride along with my book within reach and spend minutes reading and during many pauses I watch the scenery out the window skimming by. I've been this way many times before so it holds little fascination for me. Rolling green hills, oak trees and farm equipment, cows, horses and trailors to move them from place to place offers up scenery here that seldom changes. I'm not bored; I'm happy to be on the road and going somewhere. Thankfully there isn't anything that holds me to that house in Lafayette. I don't have a dog or a cat to care for and for that I'm grateful. It's nice to be able to make a spontaneous decision to pack a suitcase and hit the road. No arrangements have to be made for a pet.

Soon we will be stopping for lunch and as is our usual practice, we will find a Tex-Mex restaurant on this route; a place the husband has visited before. He promises it to be a good place for lunch.

I'm hoping upon our arrival in Aztec tomorrow evening, that phone call directing the husband to attend that spud meeting and then to work, won't materialize for a few days. We can do some exploring. Right now I'm putting this on hold. I'll be reporting in later.

Lunch was great. For $5.95 I had two mini chimi's, refries and Spanish rice. The chimi's were drenched in melted white cheese and were well worth the stop.  It was a nice break from the truck and once again we were on the road.
Arrived in Amarillo to a big convention in progress and finding a hotel took more of an effort then we expected. This Holiday Inn had only two rooms left to rent. We made one one of them ours. 736 miles today and another 8 hrs tomorrow should get us into Farmington where we will be staying. Aztec is a small town without a Holiday Inn in sight. The spud meeting is now on again so we have to be there by Friday and the job will start either Saturday or Sunday. Usually something happens to delay the start of the job so we will play it by ear after Friday.

There is a Texas Roadhouse at the border of the parking lot to this hotel and that is  where we had dinner. A bowl of chili and some fried mushrooms served us well. I'm thankful we didn't order a big steak dinner. We barely finished what we did order!

A quick shower and some laptop time while the husband relaxes with his newspaper, TV and a beer. I'm hanging on to my iced tea. It's time for me to shut this down and do a little research on the web.
A special note here. I typed the first part of this while on the road. It was typed in Word pad and I was able to copy and paste it to this blog. Last year while on a trip to Colorado I tried doing that and was never able to "copy and paste" from the documents to this blog. I have no idea why it worked this time...but I'm so grateful I didn't have to retype this whole thing.
Gone..that's me..GONE!

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