Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Inside View

Silverton: a beer at a bar. We stepped into the VFW bar because we want a brew in an ice cold mug. I'm not a beer drinker so I had a promise from the husband that if I couldn't finish or even drink any of it, he would finish it for me.
The VFW was cool and dark; a bar that was at least 15 ft long ran down one side of it. The scarred bar top was lined with cold brews for the beer drinkers seated on the stools. We walked to the end farthest from the door and took up the last two of three stools that were empty. We looked the place over while our beers were being drawn.
The ceiling was tin and ceiling fans stirred the air. The electric lines running from fan to fan was covered in conduit and visible on this side of the ceiling. The age of this establishment lead us to believe it was one of the original buildings in this little mountain town. The windows facing the street were almost from floor to ceiling and  were grimy with  faded maroon curtains draped in half moons across them. The ceiling height was about 20 ft. from the floor. The hardwood floors were dusty, scratched and had probably never seen wax or a buffer.   This was not the bar that a typical tourist would select. 

I was itching to take out my camera and shoot a few pictures. I didn't; the reason is obvious. 

The locals hang out here. Men in their late 50's and early 60's, hair past collar length, faded jeans and well worn boots; these men are not dressing to impress anyone. They were sharing beers with friends and this was probably a daily event for them. 

The walls were covered with VFW license plates from most of the lower 48 states. We sat and looked over the plates and found some from more then one town in Louisiana. We sipped our beers and tried not to be the too obvious tourists by taking note of our surroundings. 
The husband declared, "this is a town full of aging hippies" and in the next breath he stated "can we move here" and for the remainder of the time we were there and touring the back streets, he pointed out all the houses that boasted a "For Sale" sign.

It is a laid back town where the locals cater to the tourists for their winter survival and when the passes are closed  they  gather up by their wood stoves or at their favorite bar with friends. I'm envious. 


  1. I'd be envious too...sounds wonderful. Life as it should be without all the frills.

  2. No need for you to take pics ( You do take nice photos tho ) When I read your blogs I feel like I am right there. Kasi

  3. Ayak: laid back....we would all be better off to be this relaxed!

    Kasi: thank you for the wonderful comment. I'm waiting on your blog!


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