Monday, August 9, 2010

Moab by Morning?

Remember when we talked about the husband possibly going on his job tomorrow (Tuesday) if all went well on the rig? Well, apparently things haven't went well so now he won't be going until Thursday and of course, again, that depends on "if all goes well on the rig."

Based upon the new schedule here, we now have two more days off. From the title you have probably deduced that we plan on driving to Moab, Utah tomorrow. It's a three hour drive from here and I haven't been there for years. I'm ready to make another visit and since we spent most of the day in the room watching TV and napping, I'm plenty rested up and ready to spend the day site seeing.
It's time to go chill out in the whirlpool. It has become a daily ritual to have those powerful jets do a back massage and the only thing that would be an improvement on spending time in that whirlpool would be to have a blended Margarita sitting on the side.

When the husband's job starts, he will be on an erratic schedule. He may not be back to the room at all during this job, or he could appear at 0300 and have to get as much sleep as possible before they call him back out. If he does get back, I'll be hanging out at the pool or the lobby while he sleeps. This is part of how he works and I'm aware of my status here. I'm freeloading; I don't mind staying out of the room so he won't be disturbed. Sometimes he is awake for 24hrs; his job doesn't enjoy scheduled hours.

It's spa time!


  1. Let's compare Moab photos. It's pretty amazing scenery there.

  2. I'm back and downloading pics from my camera to this computer. It is AMAZING...and one of the most beautiful places in the USA.


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