Friday, August 27, 2010

Almost Pleasant

The weather. It's almost pleasant here. The humidity has disappeared along with the temperatures that hovered around 100 degrees. Oh, it's not cool by any definition but I won't complain as long as it stays around 90 degrees and below. We actually woke to a cool 71 degrees this morning.

It was time for a barbeque and that's what we did this afternoon. I invited the neighbors and daughter and family  to enjoy some chicken, corn on the cob and mac and cheese.
A few beers were tipped while watching the pre season football game, the Wii was played in the living room by grandson and his friend; it was a nice afternoon.
I'm racing around here tidying up the house in the event that another trip will present itself and I want to be prepared. The husband may hear something tomorrow about leaving again and all I have to say to that is "I'm ready". If a job comes up and he is required to stay on the rig I won't be able to travel with him. I'll sit this one out and wait to see what the next one brings.
It's time to sign off and get some sleep.  


  1. And the Saints are playing some good ball even as we speak - type.

  2. Your climate seems pretty much the same as ours, and I'm really ennjoying the cooler early mornings.

    So you may be off on another trip? can't have unpacked from the last one yet?


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