Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Morning In New Mexico

look closely and you can see the hikers on the trail to the right in this photo.

Yesterday was a blowin, sand filled warm day. Oh, the wind didn't kick all day but there were periods of sand storms that made you grateful you weren't outside in it; if caught in it, you may have had to rinse it from your teeth, wipe it from your eyes or shower it out of your hair. It wasn't so bad as to cause a dangerous brown out for those driving. I stayed in the truck until the gusts gave a break then I dashed to the hotel door entry and huddled till I could key the entry door open.
From my room on the third floor, again more rain beat at the windows, the drops being blown by the wind so forceful that they flatten out and a loud "splat" "splat" sounds as they are ricocheted off the glass. 

When the storm passes, I can see the cars in the parking lot from my third floor viewpoint. Now spotted and splattered with red dust, this storm has left it's trail. 

On the "not vacation information line" we have been notified that the rig has 2000 more feet to drill before reaching core point. The rig is makin hole at 200 ft per day. Doing the math, it might be five more days a least until the husband is notified to make his appearance. The husband is not happy about this. Me?
I'm ok with it. I can still squeeze more "vacation" time into this trip. Though we have circled the states during our site seeing, we might have to start branching out and taking our trips in a wider arc. 
Albuquerque Casino in hosting a John Hiatt and Los Lobos concert tonight. It's about a 2  1/2 to three hour drive there and we have been discussing making that trip. We have all day to decide.

The pool and whirlpool are now open and until someone makes a decision on what we do today, I will be in the jacuzzi having a water massage and pretending as though I'm on vacation.

One final note here. I'm using the stairs to get to my third floor room. I use them to go up and down from the room; it's all about building muscle in that operative leg and that's all I'm sayin about exercise!

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