Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where Did My Sleep Go?

Here I sit in the lobby with laptop. I woke at 0300 and tried for two hours to go back to sleep. I gave that up and rolled out of bed. It's dark in the room with the curtains drawn; the husband is asleep. I'm trying quietly to find where I left the room key, dig through my suitcase for a large t-shirt to throw on over the capri pajamas (looks like plain capris) so I can head for the lobby and some coffee. Blindly I search. I dare not turn on a light. Finally a brilliant idea surges through my sleep deprived brain. I feel my way over to the wall where my cell phone is plugged in and charging. Unplugging it, I make my way back to my suitcase, crouch down really close and hit the slide button on the cell so it lights up. A beacon of light and I can find something to wear while shielding the light with my body so it doesn't wake the husband.

I grabbed the laptop, found my sandals and with hair awry and caring less about the "bag lady" look I had going, I made it to the lobby where I waited on the staff to brew that first pot of coffee.

One other person was waiting for coffee; he was out of the room so he wouldn't wake his wife. Ah, the joys of traveling with someone that likes and can sleep in.

We struck up a conversation while sipping our coffee; he had a knee replacement at about the same time I had mine. The first thing I noticed was what I couldn't see. His metal knee matched his other knee. The same size and the scar was barely noticeable. He also had full extension; no limp and I was jealous. We all recover differently I tell myself.

Another thing I noticed here and usually whenever I travel through Texas; why is the lobby television always tuned in to Fox Channel for the news? Haven't they heard? It's an entertainment channel; not an information channel. Maybe it's my liberal leanings that chaps me when I'm forced to watch Fox. Usually if I'm the first one  and only one in the lobby, I'll request the staff to change it to CNN. I'm just yearning for a middle ground at least.

It's time to grab some fruit and more coffee and head for the room. I know the husband mentioned something about sleeping in this morning but isn't 0700 hrs considered "slept in"?

I have a pillow in the truck and the seat reclines. Somewhere along the way today I'll be catching up on that lost sleep.

We should be hitting cooler weather the closer to New Mexico we get. Farmington is not that far from the Colorado border. I'm hoping between jobs there will be a gap and we can make a trip across that border. Have I mentioned before my feelings for Colorado; especially  Colorado Rockies in the summer.

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