Monday, August 16, 2010

Were You Born in a Barn??

Yeah, the steaks and margaritas were great. A nice evening to be outside enjoying a meal.

To the right of this picture just beyond those windows is the indoor pool and jacuzzi. This is the patio where we grilled the steaks and used this table for our meal while enjoying the breeze and the almost coolness of the evening. Nice area huh?

As usual, in the later afternoon hours, people are checking into the hotel after a full day of traveling. They gather all their children up and stuff them into bathing suits and head for the pool. Some times this is a positive event; a time for the children to unwind and for the parents to relax.

Last night I watched this family enjoying the pool. Destroying it might have been a better description. They disconnected the rope that was tied to the life preserver and were snapping it at each other, roping the stair rail leading out of the pool and swinging on it. The parents were ignoring them. Towels were left in piles of water on the floor and not in the used towel container. Wet, used towels were also stacked on the shelves holding the clean unused towels. A Pepsi can was left floating in the pool and eventually sank to the bottom. Along with the pop can were other things that I couldn't recognize on the bottom of that pool. I watched these people as they herded their children to the door and noted that they did look back over their shoulder into the pool area. This leads me to believe that these people were born in a barn or worse, a ghetto of the western variety.
It's so wonderful seeing parents teach respect. Respect of properties that did not belong to them and proper manners when out in public. This wasn't what I witnessed last evening.
Someday there will be these 5 children unleashed upon society; by that time they should be properly seasoned in the art of destruction. Good luck world.

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  1. I just hate it when parents let their children run riot. I really don't understand the mentality. It doesn't take a huge effort to teach children respect for people and property does it?

    And it's clear to see what kind of adults they will turn into.


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