Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sand, Sun and Mud

Here I sit in the room sprawled on the bed reading a book. The television broadcasts the news in the background and now and again something from the reports breaks through my concentration and I glance up to listen for a few minutes, catching up on the news and weather. The husband has taken a  walk downstairs for some respiratory therapy in the form of a filtered Camel. I'm waiting on a load of laundry to finish it's  cycle through the dryer downstairs. 

A new sound injects itself into my surroundings. I look up away from my book to identify what is happening. The sound draws my attention to the window where a red cloud is swirling and as it hits the glass window it makes a pinging noise. I had to get up and walk to that window to watch as the red earth was picked up in the waves of wind that hurled it against the window. I looked down from my third floor room to watch the red dirt swirl, twist and turn on the pavement below. Soon after the dirt arrived in the air, the rain started pelting the glass. The window had spirals of red mud sliding down the glass blurring my vision. Soon the dirt stopped blowing in the wind and the rains continued which washed  the windows clear. How neat! The first dust storm I've witnessed on this trip!

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