Sunday, August 29, 2010

87 is Heaven

Yes! The temperatures here are lovely! The past 4 days that we have been back have not been what I expected for the end of August. There are a lot of storms in the Atlantic and though we haven't been threatened by any of them, maybe that activity has helped push cooler air and rain here. The weather channel is reliving the hurricane disaster that was Katrina. We are in remembrance of the 5 year  anniversary of that catastrophe. Though it has been 5 years, the city of New Orleans still needs lots of repairs. And if you are a brave soul to be there after dark and you would have to be either brave or ignorant, you will have to be alert and watch your back. Police are at  minimum power while crime is at maximum power.
I'm always amazed by the tourists that unknowingly enter that city and wander around after dark. Innocent in their trust of a town that can't afford to police it properly; the crime has moved up and onto Bourbon Street, a area that used to be safe to walk any time of the day or night.
I sat here in my house, 2 1/2hrs. away from New Orleans watching the TV and saddened to know that people here in Lafayette had taken boats to rescue those people and were turned away by the authorities.
A sad time for all here in Louisiana. Then Hurricane Rita hit on the other side of us.  And..recently the oil leak and I would say the Gulf has had all the bad luck it needs for a while!
And another depressing event. I had to go to the grocery store this morning. When you haven't been shopping for groceries for a few week, you really notice the jump in prices. When does it stop? I'm watching the figures for unemployment rise and the food prices do the same. How far does an unemployment check stretch?
I am grateful that the husbands job remains intact. I never take it for granted though. I'm cautious and careful during these bad times; I'm the same way during good times too. Waste not, want not.


  1. It's a good habit to get economise, to avoid waste, etc...good times or bad. It doesn't make it so difficult if you are suddenly faced with a hard time.

    My thoughts too are with the people of New doesn't seem like 5 years does it?

  2. Ayak: the time seems to fly by doesn't it?


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