Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday and Home

A night in my own bed after 21 days gone from home, I'm ready to get back in and take a nap. We unloaded the luggage and perishables as soon as we got home last night. The unpacking of the luggage is still not done and nobody is in any hurry to do it. A few more days and we will be back to a normal routine here.
The lawn was mowed by the neighbors' and I pulled some weeds out of the flower beds before the sun got it's mighty glow on this morning. I'll do a little bit each day until they are cleared.
As soon as I could, I headed for the daughter's house to pick up Carrie. She spent the afternoon with us and it was great to see her. I bought her some "magic" nail polish so we painted her nails a pretty blue. I knew she would like blue as I stood in that gift shop in Colorado selecting a bottle for her. We painted her nails and then I had her go out into the sun and watch her fingernails. Never let it be said  that I don't know how to entertain a four year old.
She watched her nails in the sunlight and squealed when she saw them go from blue to green. She loved her magic nail polish.
As soon as her mother collected her, I signed on to the internet and started trying to catch up on my reading. I have a list of blogs that I read daily but it seems that I have neglected that reading lately and now I feel stressed. The obsessive/compulsiveness I have dictates that I catch up. My heart races as I read some of them and take note of all the ones left to read and knowing that those bloggers will be adding to that list tomorrow and I'll still be lagging in my catch up in blog reading. "Slow down", I think as I imagine them sitting at their keyboards and typing as fast as they can with all their stories and thoughts.

As in my reading habits of books, I can't just skip those postings. What if I miss out on a really funny post? A post that might provide a worth while message?

I'm stressed and pressed. I'll be catching up so I must get to it (typed as I press the "Publish Post" icon and sign off).

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  1. I wouldn't worry too much about missing a few blogs. Most bloggers don't mind I'm sure. We all have real life stuff that gets in the way and stops us from catching up on blogs. However I know exactly how you feel because I'm the same. In fact it's exactly what I'm doing now...catching up...even though I'm really tired and should be asleep!


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