Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shiprock to Four Corners

Looking at the following pictures, you get the impression that where we went today is in the middle of NO WHERE. It was. We were on the Navajo Reservation. We drove through miles and miles of desert landscape and  deserted landscape to finally arrive at Four Corners. A handwritten sign on the side of the road immediately before you are to make a left turn informs you that you are there. Cars filled the parking lot and a line of people passed by the crudely built structure that made up the market. A tin roof and a piece of plywood covered in cloth was the display booth for the beaded bracelets and necklaces that were being presented for sale. As we walked by each "booth" the Navajo sales person was quick with a smile and a hello. This is an isolated area with very little economy to earn a living. As we strolled along, a woman standing at one of the vendor's shed with her wallet in her hand was asking the Navajo behind the table laden with beaded jewelry "Is there an ATM machine around here?"
My husband and I stopped and looked at each other and then gazed again at  that woman. I wanted so badly to say "yes ma'm. I saw one on the corner by the Macy's Store." "You know, the big mall down by the stop sign on this dirt road that you just drove in here on." I didn't, of course, but I was so tempted.

The picture here will give you a good visual of where we were today.
road side views of the landscape
A Navajo woman with her wares for sale
shopping in the shed like structure
we are watching the people line up to get their pics taken standing in four states
the shopping center at the Four Corners site; note the hand lettered sign for snow cones, sodas and fry bread. No  big budget advertising here on the reservation. It is here  that the lady questioned the owner for an ATM.

 We drove north after leaving Four Corners and through southern Colorado, circling back down to Farmington.

My escorted vacation might be at an end. The husband may have to start working tomorrow which leaves me to entertain myself here at the hotel. I'll still be able to enjoy the comfortable temperatures here for a while longer and for that I'm grateful.

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