Sunday, August 15, 2010

We Shoulda Been Home By Now

The "kitchen?" here in the room. The ribeyes are being prepared for the  grill.

The menu? Ribeyes, baked potatoes
Baked beans, sliced tomatoes, grilled green chili's and garlic bread.

It might be time to be back home. The chef has decided that he will be cooking tonight. He will fire up the grill that sits pool side for this feast. He has even invited a guest for dinner. 

This might be the last hot meal he will get for a while and eating out at restaurants has left him yearning for a home cooked meal and as long as he is the one cooking that home cooked meal, I'm agreeable.

I have spent the day at the hotel. I did the jacuzzi and then an hour in the sun today. I wanted to finish the book I was reading and since I only had a few pages left, I gathered up an extra book to take with me while I laid in the sun to read. I stacked my extra book by the jacuzzi, peeled off my bathing suit cover up and dropped it on top of that book and taking the book I was reading, I popped into the jacuzzi for 15 minutes of hot water massage by the strong jets. I held the book aloft and  as soon as the jets stopped propelling water, I climbed out. I'm ready to do some sun time now.  Bending down, I grabbed my clothes to drape over my arm for the walk outside to the recliners sitting in the sun. As I snapped up  my clothes from the floor, my other book resting  beneath them went sailing across the concrete to end up floating in the water of the jacuzzi. "Damn!" I moved quickly back to the steps and climbed down into the water and waded to where my book floated. Maybe reading and water are not compatible?

Sitting in the sun with my book resting on another chair, we were both drying out. Only the edges of each page were wet so it was salvageable. We both stayed outside in the breeze and sun until we were dried.

While I was doing the 'vacation' time, the husband headed for the rig to check to make sure all the tools were there that would be needed for his job. Now he is waiting on a call which should be tomorrow morning sometime. I fear my vacation may soon be ending. It's hot here today but the big difference between 'here' and 'home' is the lack of humidity which makes the 97 degree temps here more bearable then it would be in the humid heat of Louisiana.
It's been a nice quiet day with sun, naps, reading and watching a movie. Now for that steak dinner.....

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