Friday, August 13, 2010

Concert and The Crowd

I enjoyed two of my very favorite activities last evening; people watching and a concert. The concert was held at the Sandia Resort in an outdoor amphitheatre. Clouds, dark and threatening floated overhead and at the start, a few rain drops fell causing the crowd to dig out slickers and cover themselves. Thankfully, that was all that happened. The wind kicked up a bit and the clouds moved on leaving a temperature of 77 degrees. It was perfect for an outdoor concert.
John Hiatt took the stage first and played a lot of his old tunes along with stuff from his new album. In the event you don't know much about him, he is more of a songwriter for people like Bonnie Raitt, and other big name bands. He has a gravelly voice and one that is as distinctive as hearing Bob Dylan sing. You will always recognize his voice once you've heard it. Hiatt played for over an hour then turned the stage over to Los Lobos.
We haven't seen the Lobos for about 10 years and the last time we saw them, the lead guy wasn't there. His wife had been kidnapped by her step brother for ransom and then been murdered. He sang the "The Light Of My Life" that he wrote for her. Though it seems that money can buy everything and we gaze in awe at the talent and the success of some of these people, it doesn't insure one against sorrow and disasters.
The crowd? An older crowd of course with their long hair pulled back in a pony tail and a bald spot decorating the crown of their head. That was the guys of course. The women, some of them, completely grayed and hair hanging down their back dressed in long skirts or jeans and swaying with the music; canes, and limps were noted every where. I did mention it was an older crowd?
I can almost always spot the locals. Huge wide heavy looking silver jewelry fashioned into rings, bracelets, earring and belt buckles give them away. Turquoise  worked into huge belts or belt buckles worn by both Indians, Whites and Hispanics while the Indians both male and female are usually seen with long black and sometimes graying  hair to the waist flowing freely or pulled back and banded at the neck. I love the variety in people here.

We are dressed and ready to hang out in Albuquerque today before heading back to Farmington.
Great weather for site seeing here and lots to see!

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