Friday, August 20, 2010

The End

I have a routine now and I seldom stray from it. Up and to the lobby, coffee, breakfast, 15mins. in the jacuzzi, a couple laps in the pool and then outside to the patio with my book and Diet Coke for some sun.
This all comes to an end tomorrow. We are leaving New Mexico. I want to head home and that's what we will do. I miss my Carrie and it has been 18 days since I've seen her (not counting the web cam).

While the husband was at the rig doing his billing, I rounded up the suitcase valet and started loading suitcases and all the extra things we have ended up collecting on this trip. The only things left in the room for tonight are the laptops and cameras. I never leave them in the vehicles and take a chance on them collecting moisture.
The big scare of the day was my laptop. It would not boot up; the only thing I had was the blue screen. Nada...ziltch and nothing worked. I rebooted. I shut it down and left it. I booted up and left it sitting and I got the blue screen. By this time I'm feeling a little frantic. I ended up going down to the lobby and using the community computer. When I got back to the room I hit the 'on' button. I wasn't expecting anything to happen so I was pleasantly surprised when it started up as if nothing was ever wrong. I've since shut it down and turned it back on, did a restart and put it in sleep mode and all appears well. Just in case though, I moved all my pictures to a jump drive. Better safe then sorry.

We just got back from our last time in the jacuzzi here. This has to be the best jacuzzi I have had the pleasure of using. The jets in this thing are so strong it causes your skin to ripple up and down your back. By the time 15 mins have passed, the muscles in your body are so relaxed you can barely stand up. I'm going to miss that part of this trip.
We returned to the room and flipped on the TV to watch some news. Crested Butte has snow. Durango will be in the low 40's next week and to this, the husband says "It's time to get out of here." I'm afraid my desert rat doesn't appreciate the white stuff nor the cold temperatures. 
It's time to call it a day. We have a lot of truck time to do tomorrow.


  1. Can't believe it's been 18 days. It's been quite a journey though!

    Glad to hear the laptop is ok after all

  2. Ayak: out of those 18 paid days, the husband has worked 4. Nice work if you can get it!!!!


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