Thursday, August 12, 2010

John Hiatt, Los Lobos and Albuquerque, N.M.

I packed the suitcase, the toiletries, cameras and laptop while the husband got online and reserved rooms in Albuquerque. Now we will have rooms in both Farmington and Albuquerque for the next couple of nights as we don't plan on returning to Farmington for the next two days. The newest report from the rig is two more days till core point but by then the other rig will be ready and they want to definitely have him on that one, so now he has been released from this job he has been on alert for this past week.

Albuquerque Yes. A concert is our goal. John Hiatt and Los Lobos are playing at a big casino there. The husband purchased the concert tickets online, printed them out and we are prepared. In three hours we will be in Albuquerque. I shall return to this post then.


We just passed through Cuba, N.M. where we stopped for a few minutes to grab a couple of green chili, shredded beef burritos. Lunch on the go and it was great. Hatches chili's are used exclusively here where they are grown. The landscape on either side of us is barren but for the sage and mesquite that dots the red earth. The mesa's end the flatness to rise out of the ground in a rainbow of colors. Stripes of off white, graduating to soft pink, then a brighter deeper pink and finally to a deep russet red are ribbons of color in the rocks that make up these mesa's. Arroyos cut through the flatness, dry for now until a rain collects water in them and they become dangerous fast moving streams .

A light rain has fallen and the smells of the desert landscape rise up in a present of sage and dry earth freshly soaked. This part of New Mexico is Apache territory.

I'm always hyper aware when I'm traveling through a reservation. I have stories I won't tell here right now about some of my previous travels in this part of the country. Suffice it to say, scams are every where. I don't stop for anyone while on the reservations. I'm closing this for now. I want to watch the scenery glide by.
We just arrived in Albuquerque and checked into our room. I'm finishing up this post and shutting down ye ole laptop for the evening. I shall return tomorrow.


  1. I am so enjoying this describe it so well I feel I'm there with you!

  2. Ayak: How nice of you to say! It's so good to know someone is reading! lol


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