Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And They are OFF....Almost

It's at least an 18 hr. drive from here to where the daughter is going. Though she said she was leaving early this morning, at 1100hrs she was still in town. By noon she was almost to Baton Rouge. It's going to be a looooooooong day for them.
When I am faced with a long drive, 0500hrs finds me in the drivers' seat and backing out of the driveway. I'm not loading suitcases; that was done the night before the trip. A quick shower and dressing for the day and out the door, I'm on my way. I try not to drive late at night though that used to me normal for me. My night vision isn't what it used to be so I shut down around dusk. 

The daughter is not a big fan of driving. She was going to try to get to Nashville tonight but with the late start, that is doubtful.
It's now 1730hrs. and I just received a phone call from her. "We just crossed the Alabama state line" she says "and I'll be stopping in about two hours."

Six hours of driving on the first day out. That leaves for a long day tomorrow. I'll be carrying my cell and waiting on another report but meanwhile, I'm headed to Logan's Steakhouse for dinner. I can eat and worry and right now I'm hungry.


  1. It's good that she's checking in with you on the'll stop you worrying so much x

  2. Yes..and long live the cell phone! I remember when I traveled the highways and a cell phone would have been a bit of insurance in the event of a breakdown on a long lonely dark stretch of highway going through Tennessee. I shiver to think of all the night traveling alone I used to do.


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