Friday, August 20, 2010

Cam Time

Back in the lobby/breakfast room again with the laptop plugged up and Yahoo messenger engaged. I'm ready for my television appearance.
The web cam is in place and I'm waiting on a telephone ring that reverberates through this laptop to notify me that some one is requesting a viewing on the web cam. I just have to tap the "accept" icon and there they are in full screen view.

How neat is this. Carrie was sitting up in her bed in her nightshirt, hair awry and wiping the sleep out of her face. In her little girl voice she said "Hi Nana...". A big smile from both of us. Then, of course, she requested to see her Poppy. I promised when he returns from work, I would have him call.

We were in visual contact. She proudly showed me all her school work she had finished. Rainbows colored, letters drawn in both large and small and then the necklace she wore around her neck.

Eventually the time came when we had to disconnect. It was time for her to start her lessons for the day and then she would be off to visit her Dad for a few days.

We should know by late this afternoon if we will be packing our stuff and leaving here to head for Kansas. If not Kansas, I would prefer to head to Louisiana. I don't need to voice my justification for this. I think I've mentioned earlier the reason. Think triple digits and weather.

I'm outta here. It's jacuzzi time.


  1. The webcam is just wonderful isn't it? How lovely for you to chat to Carrie. It sets you up for the day doesn't it?

  2. Ayak: Yes it does. I wanted to reach through and give her a hug! She was so happy to get to see me and I her.


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