Saturday, August 7, 2010

Aztec Ruins

Smaller Kiva or liviing quarters/family unit.
Grand Kiva/social gathering area/living quarters.
underground rooms leading from room to room to room.
This morning we were off to visit the Aztec Ruins of the Pueblo Indians.


  1. We did the ruins in June...Cortez, Durango, Taos, Sante Fe etc. Had a great time. It's amazing to think of how old these ruins are. I loved it. We were there before it turned too hot but got caught in the worst wind ever. Since there is not much vegetation in New Mexico, it pretty much sand blasted our windshield.

  2. Joan: I never seem to make it to Taos or Sante Fe though they are on my wish list. This is a "company" trip so before the husband goes to work, we are staying on the go and playing 'tourist'. I've made it back to Colorado again this year! How great is that?

  3. Great photos again. I'm enjoying this trip!


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