Friday, February 1, 2013


We are gearing up here. Purple, gold and green wreaths  decorate the doors in the neighborhood, bows of the same color hang on light fixtures and beads are being readied. It's time for the party to begin. It's Mardi Gras here in Louisiana.
Lafayette follows New Orleans as the second biggest Mardi Gras celebration in the state. The crewes are again decorating their floats, loading their beads on board and costuming up.
Hopefully this year, I will be able to take Carrie to the dog parade. Almost every breed is represented. They parade down the street dressed in their Mardi Gras finery and the children love this one.
I'm still awaiting an invitation to the Apollo Ball, the most coveted ball to attend here in the Hub City of Lafayette. I've heard stories and none of it "good" so it's THE ball to attend.
I have yet to purchase a King Cake. I'm very particular as to where I get my King Cake. Either Meche's or the french bakery, Poupart, or Keller's Bakery downtown is where I shop. Walmart King Cakes are yuck, though less expensive then the other places I've mentioned. The baby lies in view in a curve of the King Cakes now. It is at the buyers discretion to embed it somewhere in the cake. This is to prevent lawsuits from biting into the baby hidden within.
Our Saturday plan is a trip to New Orleans. Besides Mardi Gras revving up, the Super Bowl game is to be played on Sunday. The town should be hoppin. The pre-game festivities are in full swing and have been for the past 4 days. Tab Benoit will play Saturday afternoon  by the levy. Stages are set up and lots of free activities for the public are being enjoyed. We plan on driving down early and leaving around 2200 hrs for the 2  1/2 hr. drive back to Lafayette. The crowds ought to be enormous, the people watching a treat.
Happy Mardi Gras everyone. It's time to drink a few hurricanes instead of running from one!

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