Monday, February 18, 2013


She's almost round when she tucks her feet beneath her. Her head launches forward, pink ears so thin the light can be seen through them. Her eyes are red rimmed. Poppy told Carrie she had a hangover. She looked at me and smiled as she noted me giving a negative shake of my head.

Bugsy is solid white with pink and red accents. Do the bright lights hurt his/her eyes? Bugsy a male or female?

I made some phone calls this morning to a relative to ask some questions on rabbit raising. When we were children we had pet rabbits. Lots of pet rabbits. Hundreds of pet rabbits. When you went to sleep at night and woke to a fresh day, we had more rabbits. The old saying "multiplying like rabbits" is a proven fact. I don't even have to look it up on Snopes.

Our rabbits ran free. They slept beneath the outbuildings and played in the yard amongst our dogs. Never a rabbit was attacked by their friends, the dogs. I remember the rabbit pellets we fed them. These rabbits were not coddled.  If I knew anything about rabbits way back then I've forgotten everything now.

The husband made a little cage months again in anticipation of Bugsy's arrival. It's one foot wide by two feet long, chicken wire attached to 1X's, a door that closes and latches and a metal handle on top to carry him around.

Carrie's dad has promised her this bunny for months and months and this past weekend she got him/her. He was supposed to be kept at her dad's house but I told her she could bring him to visit for a week and then take him home again when she visited her dad. She bought him here Sunday. I now find out she won't be visiting her dad for two weeks. I now have a pet.

I have Bugsy sitting on the table on the patio in his little cage. Fresh clover fills his food dish and water is in a souffle cup.

The husband has gone to Home Depot. Bugsy cannot stay caged in that little carrying case. We are going to built a "rabbit run" for him. It will have chicken wire sides on a 4ft by 4ft wood frame, no deck. It will sit directly on clover and big big enough for him to get some exercise. We will be able to relocate Bugsy to different areas of the lawn by simply picking the whole thing up and plunking it down in a new area.

I was so relieved when the hermit crabs went to hermit crab heaven. Now we have a rabbit. Having pets is something I don't want to deal with any more. Technically, I really don't have a pet. Bugsy is on extended stay, a holiday if you will. We will make him comfortable for his time here and gladly help him to return home in a few weeks.

Good bye Bugsy. Don't forget your toothbrush. Don't forget to write. Send pictures. We will miss you.

I'm just practicing my 'goodbyes' that will be needed in a few weeks.

P.S. I must pick a gender and stay with it on this bunny thing. I"m all over the place with the 'she" and the "he" it will be "she..and that's final. Just in case she roams some day and ends up preggers. I think referring to her as "she " is the safest way to go.

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