Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's Here

Almost 0600. Time for a quick shower and to get dressed.

My appointment is at 0830. April will be going with me. Hopefully this will be a quick procedure.

I'm waiting for daybreak so I can put Bugsy back in his run. Every night before going to bed I make one last trip to the back yard to check on him. I tell myself he will be fine outside in his house. He won't be too cold.

Walking up to his pen last night, I found him standing in one corner of it instead of in his house. He bounded over to the hinged opening built into his pen, climbed up on his feeder then stood on his back legs looking at me. He wants me to pick him up.

The barricades to the two entrances to the dining room were put back in place, his little pan bought back into the house, some Timothy hay placed in his box and his little container of water filled and waiting. Back out to his pen, he is still waiting. I scooped him up and deposited him in the dining area. The bunny has won again. My guilt over his being uncomfortable won't allow me to let him stay outside overnight.

I did discover something on this stay. If I don't put his pellet food out for him at night in the dining room, I have barely a mess to clean up of rabbit poop! He nibbled on the Timothy Hay and has his water and this morning when I put him out, he will get his pellet food.

This weekend he goes to Lydia with Carrie when she goes to visit her dad. She says her dad is building him a hutch and he will be only visiting here about one week a month.

I'm ready for the bunny to go back to Lydia. Worrying about the bunny's comfort  and health is wearing me out.

Someone said he should have some hay so another trip to Walmart where I bought him a little bag of Timothy hay. It is green with a strong sweet odor and he loves it.

In the two weeks that I have had him here, I can note the growth and the weight gain. Another two weeks, he should be able to sit at the dining room table with us for his meals.
I can see an Alice In Wonderland scene.

I'm outta here to get that shower and another cup of coffee.

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