Monday, February 18, 2013

Aches and Pains and Trips and Travel

Did our parents when reaching the Golden Year have aches and pains? Were we so busy with our healthy bodies that we never listened or just ignored them if they mentioned minor aches and pains? Maybe they just tolerated them and never mentioned them?
My gums are inflamed, the muscles in that  prosthetic knee occasionally cramps and my sinuses are such an aggravation and on a daily basis that mentioning them would become redundant.
I compare myself to friends with arthritis in their joints, skin conditions, heart conditions and breathing problems and know that not mentioning my minor irritations is probably why my parents never said anything. If they were able to get up and around, do daily chores and take care of themselves, they were grateful.
I just mentioned to the husband the other day,  I want to make a trip abroad. Usually he balks at even talking about it. This day he asked "Where do you want to go?" A step forward.
I mentioned flying into Amsterdam and staying for a few day then travel slowly south through Germany, loop down through Italy and back to France....OR fly into Spain and travel around Spain and Portugal ending up on the British Isles.
He said "Plan the trip." and that is where we are stale mated.  I want him to sit down with a travel book for the countries we want to visit and plan an itinerary.
The last trip he took care of all the travel, I bought the train tickets here and we didn't have room reservations any where. We would drop into a town and look for a Pensione. Because we were traveling "off season" we were able to secure a bed every where we went. I would like to go back to Florence and Rome but there are so many other places I want to visit.
For now, I'm off to get dressed. Carrie is asleep in the bedroom and I have to get her lunch packed and get her to the bus stop in one hour. Did I mention Carrie got a rabbit? and he is here with us this week? Now if I can only remember he is here so I make sure he has food and water. I wouldn't want Carrie to come home and find a dehydrated bunny, tongue swollen and hanging out as she opened his cage.
I'm gone.

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