Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ok...soooooo? I deserve a break don't I?

I can hear the washing machine in it's spin cycle from where I sit here on the sofa. You might think I have been here for a long while but how wrong you would be!

I have stripped the bed, caulked the bathroom tub after digging out the old grout around the perimeter, scrubbed the floor in there with bleach (we wiped everything down at the hospital with bleach)  and wiped down the toilet. Remade the bed, skipped in and out of the laundry room to keep that dryer ahead of the washer, and used the sweeper on three rooms. I just don't want you to think this break is undeserved.

I remember the days when a break was scheduled and as a reward for getting things done, a cigarette was lit and a deep inhalation of a lung full of chemicals was enjoyed. I had to change the noun word there and use "chemicals" instead of the word I wanted because I knew I couldn't spell it correctly and spell check on here apparently couldn't either.

I'm on to the bedroom with the closet that used to have a hole in the ceiling. I repaired that (see yesterday's boring blog)....the plan for today is to clean out that closet, sort clothes and drag all the tote full of wall decor into my master bedroom and give the walls in there a decorative facelift.

It appears my break is over. I have rested and am ready to go back into attack mode.

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