Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Trial Heats Up..Literally

Another trial in progress much like the Casey Anthony, Scott Petersen and O.J. Simpson ones.
We have been watching this for the past two weeks and now the accused is on the stand.
The accused today is talking about her conversion to the Mormon religion, the religion of the man she murdered. As in the case of many women trying to snag that man, whole blocks of their life's are molded around making themselves more acceptable to the man they are trolling for. I've seen amazing conversions. Some are of a religious nature while some even change diets to coincide with what the object of their affection enjoys and more salacious behavior then what would be considered normal by this person.
Jodi, the defendant here, is claiming that all the sex acts she participated in were only because she was mentally and verbally abused. Her story,though, portrays a woman that was desperate to have her lover make a commitment. From the start of their relationship this man showed interest in her only on a sexual level and she, in turn,  pursued him by continually telephoning and texting him when he wasn't forthcoming in contacting her.
One would think this was common to a certain age group of females; I've seen women of all ages make fools of themselves. A young man lost his life to this woman. A young woman may be spending the rest of her life in prison if she is lucky. If luck isn't o her side, a death penalty will be her fate.
As I listen to horrific stories of murder and mayhem, I often wonder why these offenders never anticipated what may come next in their lives.
Murdering someone because you fear losing everything in a divorce or to prevent paying child support  boggles my mind.  The possibility of spending the remainder of one's  life in jail or with a death sentence somehow negates any reason applied.
It's time for my dental appointment. The trial is on break right now and when it resumes, I won't be here but I will catch the rest of it on Nancy Grace's show tonight.
I'm gone!

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