Tuesday, February 12, 2013

State of The Union Address 2013

I sit here watching the State of The Union address and wonder how many of those that post political statements on Facebook are watching. I'm of the opinion that they will just watch Fox News for their take on it and then regurgitate it back tomorrow.

Education, immigrant reform, Fair Paycheck act, minimum wage raise tied to the cost of living rated standing ovation and as the camera scanned the crowd, not everybody stood.

Bohener didn't stand when the President talked about the voter fraud; the fact that some voting districts made citizens wait for hours to cast their vote. Again when gun control was mentioned, he stayed seated. The camera panned across the room and you could identify his constituents. A divided house will never stand.
It was obvious when Bohener sat directly behind the President beside Vice President Biden and seldom took to his feet in agreement, the great divide that this President faces in his term.
I could never decide when President Obama ran for this office, why? Why would anyone want to step into the mess he inherited from prior managers of this country.
I'm sure much will be taken out of context by tomorrow morning and I can guarantee Fox News won't have a thing positive to say to it's viewers and those viewers like it that way. I'm amazed they don't fact check the propaganda spewed.
Today someone voiced their opinion on a comment posted on FB; I posted my opinion in a polite noncritical way minus any personal attack. An attack came back denying my right to an opinion to which I questioned "Who gets to have an opinion? Is it only allowed if you are in agreement with what is posted and if you, the poster,  aren't ready for a comment, then why post at all?"
Facebook sometimes causes a wrinkle in my shorts. Narrow minded people cause that same wrinkle. Disguised as they think they are being, I  believe much of the consternation over this President is related to his race while the remainder of it is just the fact that people will defend their party regardless of the atrocities committed by them.
So. How about you? Did you take an hour and a half out of your day to watch or did reality shows command your attention?
I'm gone!

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