Friday, February 22, 2013

A Day Without Arias

The trial will not be in session today. I'll be watching the high points from yesterday. After 8 days of listening to the defense question their client the questioning gets to the day of the murder..and BOMBSHELL...she can't remember much of what happened during the murder! ( that "bombshell" mentioned with sarcasm. It's Nancy Grace's fav byline and I tired of her a long time ago) 

Sheeze! Now the prosecutor is questioning her on the lies she told. She is arrogant, smiling and playing with the prosecutor. He is known as a pit bull prosecutor. She has a lot of guts to go up against him but she is holding her own.

Enough of that trial. It's bunny time. He survived the night. I hope he is comfortable out there. I intend to bring him in the house for a while each day. He likes being around people. He now has a litter box and I'm going to try to litter train him to it when he is inside.

We made a little trip to the accountant this afternoon to deliver more papers to him and of course he was on his lunch break so I didn't get to talk to him. Instead we went to have lunch until he returned.

April got her Jeep back today! Another engine is in it and let's hope it lasts longer then the last one. Everyone is back on the road again. Ted loves his car and is burning up the roads with it. He had to be miserly with his gas hog truck so he is enjoying being able to drive his little gas frugal Honda. We are hoping he soon slows down but then we all know what it's like to get a new (used) vehicle. He can actually drive over to his sister's apartment whenever he wants  and that is where he is this afternoon.

Bugsy is gone. April sneaked over and captured him. I knew she was going to take him to her house for the weekend so Carrie would want to stay home with her. The only reason Carrie spent the week with me was because I had possession of the bunny. Where goes the bunny, so goes Carrie, fickle little thing that she is.

April called a few hours later. She had been rocking Bugsy while waiting for Carrie to get off the bus. She now has a rash from her wrists to her elbows. Her question was "If I'm not allergic to cats, can I still be allergic to a bunny?" I may have the bunny back before the weekend is over.

I have two more days until I'm officially another year older. On the positive side, I'll only be one year away from being eligible for Medicare. I might need more time to come up with another positive to being another year older.

Status update on my "condition". As with my knee surgery and now with this new thing going on, I'll post just a short clinical entry for my own reference.

The area in the axillary is still tender to touch, swelling has decreased but not gone and there is a burning sensation. It has been now about 4 days since I first noted the appearance of this engorged lymph node and about two weeks since my upper gums became inflamed. The doctor does not think these two things are related. I didn't hear from their office today. I was assured when I left that the nurse would call me at home. If I don't hear anything by Monday I will contact them again. The health business isn't what it used to be is it? It has become a bit sloppy I fear.

On the bright side, I seem to have lost almost 10 lbs. There was no diet involved. My appetite for my evening meal has vanished. Lunch seems to be enough to carry me through the day. Let's hope it stays this way. I have an orange for breakfast and a light lunch and that's enough.

I finally got to the closet today and emptied out some of the stuff in there so I could get a ladder in and do some repair work on the ceiling. The a/c guy stepped through the ceiling when he was in the attic last summer. It's only taken me 6 months to get to it. Now is the time to sort the clothes out of that closet and donate them.

The husband leaves on Sunday for Oklahoma.  It is slow in the oilfield right now or at least some parts of it are slow. Exploration, Drilling and Production are the main  stages of work in the industry. When prices drop, exploration and drilling slows while production stays mostly even. The husband is in the drilling part of the industry. In all our years of being in this business, we know the ups and downs with it and try to adjust accordingly.

I'm cooking "rice and gravy". I have no interest in the meal but I'll cook tonight for the husband. Tomorrow evening we will eat out for my birthday meal.

I'm outta here. This post has bored me to tears....almost.

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