Thursday, January 31, 2013

Family Matters or Headline News

It was time to get a family update which is always interesting especially right now. Court dates were involved, emotions ran high and as is  typical with this family, certain members respond immediately on an emotional level and what better place to broadcast but on Facebook.
It still amazes me that Facebook is where one rushes to  vent  their rage and frustration. I've seen this done on blog sites too. Once in print it's impossible to retract.
Writing is a great way to vent but publishing it at large is an act of a fool.
Love struck men and women baring their hearts and souls; public mourning that drags on and on, these posters stumble along shameless in airing their most private matters.
An audience eagerly awaits their postings; these same people enjoying the pain, anguish and anger would never concede to doing this themselves though they are quick to offer their support. This encourages future postings and the foolish provide continued entertainment void of any embarrassment.
I've often wondered about the motives of the readers. Is it a matter of superiority? Reading the ramblings, disjointed  thoughts and rampant with bad grammar and multiple typos the reader feels no threat. The poster projects a persona which is childlike and nobody fears a child. Thankfully,  there is usually someone that cleans up after this messy child.
.....and we eagerly await the next chapter.

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