Thursday, February 21, 2013

Squeezed, Mashed and Manipulated

Today I can be found back at the breast imaging center. They called the other day and in the most delicate way told me that my mammo showed some "suspicious" areas and the doctor would like for me to come back in for a few more XRays; he would read them immediately and recommend an ultra sound if necessary.
I've been down this road before and it has usually led to surgery. Damn it...I have one more year before I qualify for Medicare. By the time I get there, I'll have all the 'fix' work
One can't be anything but nervous when a test result comes back in this manner.
Two weeks ago, my upper gums became highly inflamed and swollen. I hurried to my dentist and requested an antibiotic. Amoxicillin 500 mg tabs qid times 5 days with food. I took the whole course,the swelling subsided enough to take the soreness away. One week passes and a mass the size of a jaw breaker appears in my right axillary areas. Sore to the touch and burning, the knot was visible one night and had softened up and decreased in size by the next evening. Right not it is not a lump but still tender and painful. I'm of the opinion that this is a lymph node. Lymph nodes collect infection from the blood stream. The two incidents of the swollen gums and now this lymph node tells me there is something going on in my body. I must have an infection that needs the big gun antibiotics like
Vanco or one of the other myicins to kick it.
I'm wondering if this is what the mammo picked up on the the other day. I'll find out when I ask to see the film when I go in at 1400 hrs.
A huge storm is expected this afternoon. If I'm going to be at the physician's office, I want to bring the bunny in the house. I'll close him up in his cage and put him in the dining room until this storm passes. I want to inspect his rabbit run and make sure the water from this storm is not going to drown him.
It's time to get beds made and a few things tidied up. That appointment will be here before you kmow it!


  1. Good luck with the results at the doctors. Always very worrying at times like these..hope it's nothing nasty.

    Much sympathy re the gums. I have also been suffering similar problems since December...ongoing dental hygiene work, antibiotics, etc. Hate visiting the dentist!

  2. Ayak.I have no idea what happened with my gums! Swollen and red and when the axillary area produced a sore gumball size lu I figured it was some sort of infection in my body. Dr. thinks they are unrelated.
    Thanks for stopping by!


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