Sunday, February 17, 2013

Saturday and Sunday

It's birthday month here around our house. The husband celebrated his on the 15th and mine will be on the 24th and on the 25th the husband will be heading for Oklahoma on a job that has been scheduled.

We had dinner at the casino after the husband played the tables for a while. I hung out in the casino coffee shop with pencil and paper. I'm going to start doing "a face a day" and do more practice with the pastels. 

The past week has been a busy time around here. The much awaited arrival of the daughter's Jeep from the mechanic happened. And one day later Ted lost his truck in a head on collision. Always something. I'm of the belief that if everything is going along fine, beware. Nothing stays bad forever and nothing stays good forever. I'm always waiting for the axe to fall. I suppose you could say I'm a pessimist?

Ted has now a used Honda Accord, a car famous for getting high mileage. It has 86,000 miles on it, new tires and  the body is a little rough in a few places. You have to know where to look to see the imperfections. If it gets him through his college years, I'll be most grateful. Buying a used car is a crap shoot. I hold my breath; it almost drives me to prayer but not quite.

Here it is Sunday and the end of the weekend. I have no acitivities that require me to get dressed and go out into the chill of ths day. I'm going to do exactly what I did yesterday..veg out and watch TV.

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