Thursday, February 21, 2013

Trials, Doctors and Bunnies

I had to interrupt my viewing of the Arias trial. Back to the Imaging Center to have more views taken. After the radiologist viewed the new pictures, an ultrasound was done and then the Doctor came in to chat with me. Next week I'll be going in to have cores taken and sent to the pathologist. Apparently I have a lymph node that is way off the charts on size. It is very tender to touch with reddened skin evident.

The waiting begins.

We got back to the house in time to catch more of the trial. Ms. Arias hasn't buckled yet under the prosecutors' blazing questions. Prosecutor Martinez is a smart cookie. Getting a direct answer from the accused is like pulling teeth. He has more patience then I.

The rain has started and predicted to be heavy at times. Bugsy's food is kept unsheltered in his run. The roof of this fun is just mesh wire. Improvising here, I did this:

Right spiffy huh? Alright, at least it can't  be seen from the road.
I'm outta here to concoct something for dinner. I hate to cook some days!

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