Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Post Procedure

I made it to Carrie's house a little before 0700. We sat together in my car until her school bus arrived. April was getting dressed and as soon as the bus collected Carrie, I swung back by the house to get April. We still had an hour before my appointment so we headed to McDonald's for breakfast.
0830 found us seated in the radiology department waiting room. Paperwork completed, my wait was short. The nurse appeared at the entrance to the back part of the lab and called my name. By this time my imagination was off the charts. Too much medical knowledge is sometimes not a good thing.

"Place your clothes in the bin, a robe is in the drawer, and put the opening in the front." she said to me as she pulled shut the door to the tiny dressing room. A bathroom break was required.

Soon the tech was back to escort me to the room for another Ultrasound to mark the area for the biopsy. She cleaned and prepped the axillary, betadine swabbed and wiped clean, gelled and camera ready. I watched the monitor as the lymph node appeared.

Soon the doctor arrived and the game was on. Topical lidocaine, then subq lidocaine was injected. The boring needle entered, a click was heard as it snipped off tissue and was withdrawn. Pressure was held over the site briefly and the procedure was repeated in another area. I was amazed and impressed that this whole procedure was painless. I'm also very grateful that this is a "post procedure" post.

"Now we return this station to it's originally scheduled programing."

I'm watching the trial again. I should be doing some things around here but watching this trial is much more entertaining.

I haven't seen the bunny since I returned home. I'm hoping he is having himself a long nap in his condo. My conscious will exert itself around dusk and by 2200 hrs. I will have talked myself into bringing him back into the house.

Court is in session after their lunch break! I'm gone.

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