Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Should Really Move Off This Sofa

I had big plans. The husband left town on a job he had been waiting on. The 'call' came, he packed all his stuff and was gone. This is my cue to  move.

On my list was the theatre. I haven't been to a movie in ages and having not checked listings, I don't even know  what is playing now.

On my list was a few stores I wanted to check out.

On my list was a little house repair.

I forgot about the Arias trial. I have to be home by noon each day for the trial to begin. This is another trial much like the drama filled, horrific story of the Casey Anthony and the O.J. Simpson story. The accused took the stand in her own defense and for days she has been spinning her story. The judge overrules most objections by the prosecuting attorney. Reasoning is, this woman is fighting for her life as this is a death penalty case and the judge does not want to take a chance that if convicted, she could win an appeal by claiming an incompetent defense.

Jodi Arias sits on the stand answering questions in great detail. She is very calm and convincing. Had everyone not seen the videos of her disavowing any knowledge of his murder, changing her story to say two people broke in and killed Travis Alexander and then after being arrested, she claims she did kill him but it was in self defense!

Has this woman no shame? Apparently not. She lies easily and everyone is waiting for the day the prosecutor takes over and questions her on all the lies she has told.

I can't leave the house. I have a sofa attached to my body all afternoon. I'll think about doing something else as soon as this trial ends meanwhile you know where I can be found in the afternoons.


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