Friday, February 8, 2013

If I Did Any Less, I Would Have to Be Asleep

Is it really Thursday already? A visit to the dentist yesterday and today to the general practitioner for my 6month check and WHOOPPEEEE...tomorrow a mammo. I can't begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to that little experience!

I may as well get all this stuff out of the way early in the year. I still have to go to the license bureau and get my driver's license renewed. Will I have to take the written test again? I might want to brush up on some of those speed limits in different areas.

We now can get our vehicles inspected for two years and that's exactly what I did as each one came up for renewal this year.

The sun has finally touched us with the predicted temps for today and it's HOT. I have on a t shirt and sweat pants; I could be wearing shorts. I should be outside washing the roadster, a chore I may do tomorrow. I'm unbelievably lazy lately. Forget tomorrow. I'm going to clean that car right now.
 I've been on the run all morning. Blood work, mammography and  getting my driver's license renewed which expires on my birthday in a few more days. One more stop to pick up some meds and my errands are done. I've got a lot of medical stuff out of the way this week plus the driver's license. When you have a good hair day that's the day you rush to the DOT cause ya know they are going to want to snap a pic for your license and it always looks like a mug shot from a police lineup.
I've just received word that a nephew will be visiting during spring break. I might have to do a little picking up of those guest bedrooms before he gets here. I do enjoy family visiting. I should mention to my sister the possibility of her visiting too. April will want to have a big crawfish boil for them. She is dyin' to heat up her crawfish pot and eat some 'tails.
I'm off to the drugstore before the rain starts. I have the top down on the roadster..and it's really just a bit too chilly at 65 degrees plus the skies are getting darker. Rains are coming and I'm gone.

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