Monday, February 11, 2013

Chomp, Chomp

Pack your bags and come on down! I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with my brother in law in North Carolina. He wants to make plans to visit this year; probably in the fall. He should be stronger and done with doctors appoinments and procedures.
The month of March will see my ex sister in law and her son (my nephew) and his two sons (great nephews) make a visit. I have time to get the guest rooms tidied up and get our plan of attack in place as far as entertainment which will consist of  lots of sight seeing. The little guys want to see alligators. I've mentioned a swamp tour on the Achafalya. The guide takes his boat load of passengers through the swamp, gliding his boat beneath the cypress trees. The legs or roots of these trees extend out of the water allowing one to see through them. A fog lays close to the water in the morning hours giving the area a creepy movie effect. As the boat moves quietly through the water, the guide points out the native flora and fauna. Birds, fish, turtles and neutra rats creep into the green algae laden water, perch on logs and hang out in the cypress trees. Vegetation of lily pads and vines are visible just below the surface of the water.  Rustling can be heard in the bushes, and the cries of the loons echo through the swamp. Soon the group's vessel is surrounded by pathways off the main swamp  and  glides past a  house. Beneath an  over growth of bushes and trees the house sitting just back from the swamp's edge has vines climbing up the sides, windows dulled by years of grime, it's exterior weathered grey from age releases it into it's background.
At some point the guide slows the boat and then slips to a  stop. He brings out some 5 ft long poles with heavy string attached. The ends of the line he attaches raw chicken meat and hands the poles to his guests. They hang the poles out over the water and wait. The wait is not long. From out of the water an alligator erupts, standing on it's tail,  most of it's body leaves the water. The light glistens off the heavy scaled back.  His mouth opens wide revealing the rows of teeth; he snaps up the chicken off the line. Gasps can be heard from around the boat. Everyone wants to try it now. The poles are loaded once again and passed to other passengers while everyone else waits and watches. They know what to expect. It's very quiet until the alligator strikes again. A patter of hands clapping can be heard, the crowd is impressed.
A good time is had by all and this excursion is well worth the price of admission.

The month of May will bring more house guests. The husband's sister and daughter plan on a visit here. New Orleans is in their plans.

It's going to be a busy spring here for us. I can't wait! I like touring visitors around this state!

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