Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hangin In There

I thought I was sleeping a lot lately. Since I've been a bit under the weather lately I have been spending time on the sofa, TV remote control in hand. I wake to find a few television shows have spun on by while I was out.

It took me two days to relate the swallowing of Nyquil to being unconscious most of the day. Must be all that nurse training I was subjected to and practiced for years and years. Why is it that we make the absolute worst patients? I can urge someone else to take themselves to a physician when they present to me with signs of an infection or an unexplained pain.

I blunder along self medicating until I can no longer move and I'm sure what infection I had that was isolated is now septic and imminent death awaits. I'm almost there now.

I'm taking my "Nyquil, medicated, sleepy, semi conscious self to bed before I have to spend this night on the sofa. I'm done here. G'night!

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