Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Little Note for Today

My primary physician's office called today. It was a heads up on my appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning. Wouldn't ya know it would be after I was well on my way to recovering from this nasty cold that has kept me sofa bound for the past week.
Today was an unscheduled dental visit also. My gums are inflamed and have been for the past week or so. When it rains it pours in  my world of medical conditions. I'm not least for the moment as I seldom get sick and I don't have any critical or chronic health conditions. I'm on antibiotics for the gum inflammation. If that doesn't fix me up, I'll visit the hygienist next week for a cleaning. I'm almost due anyway.
Carrie has been talked into spending the night with me. It was her mother's idea. It means her mother doesn't have to crawl out of bed at 0630 tomorrow morning and then get her to the bus stop. It's a rainy evening with the temperatures dropping and tomorrow should be miserable. 
It's time for Carrie's bath; the warm water smothered in bubbles is drawn and waiting. I'll have to pry the iPad from her little hands to get her into the tub. Once there she likes to lounge until the water gets cold. I let her stay in the tub as long as she likes. When she was very little, I would sit beside the tub with hand puppets and other toys and entertain her. When she outgrew those toys, I was at a loss as to what to get her for tub play. A few nights ago I grabbed one of the Nancy Drew books from the set kept in her bedroom. I sat down on the toilet seat and opened the book "The Secret of The Redgate Farm" and read to her.  She listened intently, her full attention on the story. Now   each time she visits we open the book to the bookmark and read a few pages. We take turns. She reads one page and I read the next. The words are much more then what would be found in a first grade reader. We are stretching her vocabulary. I stop occasionally to test her comprehension of what was read. I want her reading skills to be top notch and as it is she is ahead of all but one of her classmates in the reading department. We started early with her.

Ted is in his second semester of college and his degree requires many levels of math and chemistry. He studies every day, never misses a class and takes copious notes. Both he and his older sister were always focused on their math classes which causes most students to stumble when they enter college. We are just taking it semester by semester and hoping he stays engaged in his studies.

It's time to brush Carrie's hair and get her ready for school. I deserve some bath time too. 


  1. Hope you get your gums sorted. I had a similar problem before and over Christmas, with abscesses too...not much fun.

    I love the way you encourage your grandchildren. It's so important that they get this. So many kids don't and they don't have much of a future. Yours will shine!

  2. Thanks Ayak..I'm sure there will be a gum update in the abscesses thankfully. The dentist did x rays to rule that out.

    We are so proud of Ted though we hold our breath from semester to semester. He seems to like it and we offer him much encouragement. Carrie is just so intellient. We encourage her curiosity and imaginaion. Slide open the doors and let them peak through all of them...who knows what might catch their interst!


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