Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Mourning Has Ended...and The Invitation is Obvious

(an excerpt from a short story that is currently in the works.)

For almost two years she has expressed her deep sorrow over losing the man in her life. She isn't the  only one that has  faced this loss;  dear Debbie too lost her husband and the father of her children. On the anniversary of his death, Debbie posted a comment; a brief memorial to him. She mourns for her husband of 20 yrs and she does it privately. Debbie has never needed or longed for an audience to witness and validate her claims of loyalty and  loss. Anyone spending time with this couple witnessed the depth of their feeling for each other.

Both couples were observed together over a long period of time. Respect, consideration and love was evident with one but sadly missing in the other. One couple stayed together out of their mutual feelings for each other while the other out of convenience and monetary reasons.

When you have to reinterate over and over publicly how important your relationship was then maybe it reveals too much of a deficit in that relationship.

A new interest has appeared and the following was posted. Suddenly the person she professed as her soul mate is seldom mentioned. The stars in the sky, of which he is one and watching over her has dimmed and winked out.
 The handwriting is on the wall..some one else is in her sites. This is your hint buddy. The gates are swung wide. Be careful fella....webs are very deceiving. They appear fragile and without substance.   (to be continued....a work in progress)

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  1. OH MY. I have been informed that a few folks think this "story" is about them. Maybe I need to come back and flesh it out a bit. Sometimes I experiment with stuff and then forget it's out there and it remains unfinished and forgotten.


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